US$50 Coil/Ignitor Fits 08-14 Express 1500 Van 158696 in Edmonton, Alberta for sale


Template By Frooition Lite! COIL/IGNITOR FITS 08-14 EXPRESS 1500 VAN 158696 All parts are pre-owned unless specified in add as new. 90 Warranty on all parts. Donor Vehicle Model EQUINOX Year 2005 Mileage 185000mis (0 = not available or unknown) Inventory number ES0903 Store Number one NOTE: Image(s) shown may be the vehicle from which the part was pulled, or a generic image representing typical stock, rather than the unique item being sold. Part Detail (see Help) Part Grade Part Category Y Part Placement Notes 3.4L This part will fit these makes and models with these options G6 07-09 3.9LRELAY 05-07EQUINOX 08-09 3.4LEQUINOX 05-07G6 10 3.5LIMPALA 06-09 3.9LMONTANA five SV6RENDEZVOUS 06 3.5LSAVANA 1500 VAN 14 4.3LSILVERADO 1500 PICKUP 07 new style (smooth door skin), w/4.3LG6 05MALIBU eight new style (emblem in bumper cover), 3.5LSIERRA 1500 PICKUP 07 new style (smooth door skin), w/4.3LUPLANDER 05-09MONTE CARLO 06-07 3.9LTORRENT 06-07MALIBU 06-07 3.9LSILVERADO 1500 PICKUP 08 4.3LMALIBU 06-07 3.5LTORRENT 08-09 3.4LMONTANA 06-09 (SV6)MONTE CARLO 06-07 3.5LRENDEZVOUS seven (3.5L)AURA 07-08 3.5LG6 07-09 3.5LIMPALA 06-09 3.5LMALIBU 09-10 3.5LVUE 08-10 3.5LG6 10 3.9LSIERRA 1500 PICKUP 08 4.3LEXPRESS 1500 VAN 14 4.3LG6 06 3.5LLUCERNE 09-11 3.9LMALIBU eight classic style (emblem in grille), 3.5LTERRAZA 05-07G6 06 3.9LSILVERADO 1500 PICKUP 09-13 4.3LEXPRESS 1500 VAN 08-13 4.3LIMPALA 10-11MALIBU 04-05 VIN Z (fourth digit, New Style), 3.5LSAVANA 1500 VAN 08-13 4.3LSIERRA 1500 PICKUP 09-13 4.3L Guarantee and Returns Shipping Payment Policies Help Core Charge. Core is an acronym for ‘Cash On Return’. A core charge is sometimes applied to rebuildable parts such as engines or alternators that can be redeemed for a portion of their original price. If the part you are purchasing has a core charge applied, it will be noted in the description. Parts Grading. A standard code system is pre-owned to communicate the condition and quality of a part between automotive recyclers, automotive repair shops, and insurers. Knowing how these codes are pre-owned will help you understand whether the part meets your expectations before you buy it and what you can expect from the part when you receive it. A Grade - The highest quality part. It is of low miles and/or terrific condition for its age. B Grade - The 2nd level quality part. It is of average miles and normal condition for its age. C Grade - The 3rd level quality part. It has high miles and/or light damage. No Grade - A part that has not yet been graded. To learn more about Parts Grading click here. Contact Us Lite template by Frooition | eBay design, eBay store design, eBay shop design, eBay template design, eBay listing design

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