Various Filters for Lenses with 52mm Threads in Edmonton, Alberta for sale


All filters show flawless glass although there might be some cosmetic wear on the outer rim. Take all seven filters for $50 or just the four HOYA and get the Canon 52mm lens cap for FREE ;-)
$5... HOYA Skylight 1B - Reduces bluish in open shade under a clear sky and keeps skin tones free of colour-cast from nearby objects such as the shade of trees.
$5... HOYA UV - Absorbs ultraviolet rays that cause haziness in landscape photos and makes colours more distinct.
$10... HOYA 81A - Best filter for better photos with flash photography.
$10... HOYA CS - STAR-4 adds a dramatic four-cross flare to specular highlights. Ideal for photographs of ladies wearing jewelry or other strong reflections (section of the pic was darkened to show the cross screen in the glass).
$35... Close Up Set - Diopter #1, #2, #4. The magnifying power of each close-up lens is indicated by its diopter strength and can be combined with other diopter strengths to increase or fine-tune its effect. These lenses are multi-coated to help reduce flare and improve light transmission.
Please call or text to arrange a convenient pickup time at my home.

Category:  Photo & Cameras  |  Address:  Edmonton Alberta

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